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About the BSET Program at LCCC

Temple University is offering a unique degree right here on the LCCC campus.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

The focus of this degree is "Mechatronics" Why? Because in today's job market, employers are looking for Engineers who have an understanding of both electronic and mechanical devices. This means that employers can hire one person instead of two and save a tremendous amount.

What does this mean to the student?
You will take courses in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering allowing you to apply for to both electrical and mechanical positions...that's twice the number of possible jobs!

The result....... BSET-Mechatronics degree could increase job opportunities by up to 50%......depending on the employer needs in your area.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • You need an Associate’s Degree to enter the program.
  • Your credits earned in LCCC's Electrical & Mechanical Associates Degree transfer into this program.
  • Temple Courses are offered on the LCCC's Schnecksville campus in the evening.
  • Many of the BSET students work during the day.
  • Many of the BSET students go part time.
  • The total number of credits for the program is <128.
  • Only 30 credits are at a Temple's prices (Fall 2012 = $620 per credit, including fees).
  • The other 94+ credits are at LCCC's prices (Fall 2012 = $113 per credit for residents in sponsoring school districts, including fees).
  • Minimum GPA= 2.5 (from Associates Degree)
  • Class sizes are small so you learn more.
  • Upon graduation, your BSET degree will say "Temple University."
  • The program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org

For more information contact David Reiser at dreiser@lccc.edu