Tutoring Services

LCCC offers free tutoring to enrolled LCCC students in a variety of subjects and study skills.  The program focuses on support for students in developmental education courses, as well as those in gateway and in general education courses in math, writing, and science.  Labs are open (walk-in) and require no appointment. Tutoring is designed to meet students’ specific needs in coursework, build confidence, help students develop strategies for academic success, and most importantly, to provide students with the tools to become independent lifelong learners.  Students are treated with consideration and respect and each is recognized as an individual learner with unique learning styles.

Tutoring by our professional and peer tutors takes place in the Educational Support Center on main campus, along with several other rooms and suites, and in designated places at the Allentown, Jim Thorpe, Tamaqua College locations. Our tutoring program is nationally certified by NADE (National Association of Developmental Education) and internationally certified by CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association).  As such, our service provides mandatory training on specific topics related to tutoring on the college level.  Labs open the second week of classes and close on the last day before final exams during the fall and spring semesters.  Individual tutoring sessions last for 30 minutes, and students are asked to come prepared with content questions.  Tutors encourage students to plan ahead in reviewing for finals and in structuring methods of studying for comprehensive tests. 

Tutoring services are incorporated under the umbrella of Educational Support Services.  The ESC lab supervisor and tutors work closely with ESS learning specialists and staff, along with LCCC teaching faculty, in order to provide appropriate, comprehensive and beneficial services to students.   

Tutors adhere to the overarching mission of Educational Support Services:

To be a passionate student-centered team that advocates for and guides students

to succeed in a global market through strategic learning in a multicultural environment.


LCCC Jim Thorpe

Room 312

LCCC Allentown

Room 212

LCCC Schnecksville

SH 150

LCCC Tamaqua

Library Area & Room 200