PA CareerLink Information

Steps for TAA/WIA Applicants

1. Check with PA CareerLink to see if you are eligible for educational funding

 2.  If you are eligible, visit the PA CareerLink website here to review area training providers and programs.  Click HERE for a list of current LCCC approved training programs.

 3. Once you have identified the provider and program you are interested in, contact your local PA CareerLink office to discuss your next steps.

 4. LCCC Admissions Process: If you choose LCCC as a provider click on the link below which corresponds with your status:

Previous student of LCCC (Not attended within the past 12 months): click here to apply or re-apply for admission.

 New Student: click here to apply for admission. 

 5.  Call (610)799-1575 to schedule an appointment with an admissions representative.

 6. Advising Appointment:  After you go through LCCC’s admission process and placement testing, you will be scheduled for an advising appointment.  During your advising appointment, you and your academic advisor will work together to develop an academic plan to meet the requirements of graduation and to be submitted to your PA CareerLink representative for approval.

7. TAA/WIA Approval:  Once approved, you will be notified regarding your benefits and the requirements of your continued participation and eligibility for funding.


Note:  If you are unsure or trying to decide between two or more majors, click here to take our FOCUS career planning assessments.  Complete all four assessments and bring them with you to your advising appointment.