Student Government Association (SGA)
All students at LCCC are eligible to participate in the affairs of student government. Clubs are represented on Student Government through the Club Council. SGA senators are responsible for management of student monies and allocation of funds to all SGA-sponsored events. SGA also provides a broad program of cultural, social, and athletic opportunities to serve the diverse needs and interest of the student body. Student Government meets the first and third Tuesday during the academic year.
Advisor: Gene Eden,; 610-799-1146

The purpose of the Art Club is to unite LCCC students that have a passion or interest in art. The Art Club offers open studio time, organizes student art events, encourages participation in art events on or off campus, and gives back to our community through art. Find us on Facebook.

Advisors: Heather Werner, & Corinne Lalin,

Associate Degree Nursing Student Organization (ADN SNO)
Advisor: Gail Cummings,; 610-799-1039

Campus Christian Fellowship
The purposes of this club are as follows; to testify by word and deed that the Lord Jesus Christ is God incarnate, and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him as Lord and Savior. Also, it is to deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of the members by the study of the Bible, by prayer and by Christian fellowship.
Advisor: Donna Kulik,; 610-799-1134

Chess Club
Advisor: Gene Eden,; 610-799-1146

Computer Networking Association (CNA)
The purpose of CNA is to promote the free exchange of information and ideas between CNA members. Scheduled meetings are to help educate members about the changing computer technology environment.
Advisor: Sue Miner,; 610-799-1027

Criminal Justice / Justice Society
The purpose of this club is to promote pride and professionalism within the agencies of criminal justice.
Advisors: Jack Gasper,; 610-799-1760 Jodi Rowlands,; 610-799-1588

Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society for Education Majors
Advisor: Laura Segatti,; 610-799-1706

LCCC Anime Club
The purpose of the LCCC Anime Club is to promote knowledge of art, cosplay, and the appreciation of animation and the underlying culture.
Advisors: Steven Weitz,; 610-799-1077 John Callahan,; 610-799-1553

License Practical Student Nurses Association
Advisors: Mary Karen Shoff,; 610-799-1547 Karen Clark,; 610-799-1022

National Communication Association - Student Chapter
Advisor: Wendy Barron,; 610-799-1729

National Kitchen and Bath Design Chapter
Advisor: James DePietro,; 610-799-1524

Occupational Therapy Assistant Club
Advisor: Stephanie Miller,; 610-799-1031

Paralegal Club
The purpose of this organization shall be the enhance and expand the learning opportunities available in the Paralegal field and to provide education, social, and career development activities for club members. This shall include, but not be limited to, taking field trips to facilities, attendance at Paralegal meetings and conferences, films, speakers, and any other available means as determined by the membership.
Advisors: Diane Tallarita,; 610-799-1594 Karl Maeher,; 610-799-1142

Phi Theta Kappa, The International Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges
Contact Advisor: Gene Eden,; 610-799-1146

Physical Therapists Assistant Club
Advisors: Evelyn Petrash,; 610-799-1515 Lori Madiara,; 610-799-1021

Political Society
The objectives of said organization are as follows; to promote student awareness of political parties and the functions of government, keep students informed of upcoming political elections, and to discuss and debate current political events, legislation and issues.
Advisor: Jenna Duke,; 610-799-1505

PRYDE - LGBT Student Organization
Advisors: Ann Turoczy,; 610-799-1908 Jason Malozzi,; 610-799-1597

Psychology Club
An academic organization for students interested in pursuing undergraduate degree or minor in psychology related fields. The goal of the club is to promote an understanding and appreciation of psychology through educational, professional, and social activities.
Advisor: Gary Andrews,; 610-799-1647

Teacher Education Student Association (TESA)
The purpose of TESA is to keep students interested in education up to date with the current techniques and procedures. TESA informs students of influential governmental and professional legislation, as well as, providing the public with an awareness of our function in the teaching profession.
Advisors: Melanie Wursta,; 610-799-1523 Kristine Schaffer,; 610-799-1876

Vet Tech Club
Advisor: Lisa Martini-Johnson,; 610-799-1754

Xanadu - LCCC Literary Magazine
Advisors: Sorina Higgins,; 610-799-1050 John Nardone,; 610-799-1717