Library Vision

The Rothrock Library is first and foremost a service organization driven by the current academic needs and expectations of its users. Therefore, this library provides information resources and services to meet the curricular needs of students and faculty in support of:

  • Transfer Programs
  • Career Programs
  • Developmental and Remedial Education
  • Lifelong Learning & Personal Growth

The Rothrock Library also supports the Collegewide Student Learning Competencies, specifically the competencies which state that students will develop an ability to "think critically and creatively", and "apply information literacy skills". College students must be able to locate, retrieve, evaluate and use information, not only in their academic assignments, but also in the workplace and in life.

In addition, we will continually support and reassess the traditional and changing roles of libraries and library support staff. Our decisions will be made in order to support the highest quality of learning, teaching and undergraduate research. Indeed, LCCC has a vision to seek "National prominence and academic excellence as a comprehensive community college".

As a library, we will continue to acquire, organize, house and make available, information resources in multiple formats in support of the curricula of Lehigh Carbon Community College. A balance will be found as we allocate resources between new electronic information and traditional print and non-print materials.

  • We will promote a comprehensive, dynamic information services program to ensure that our students become information literate, capable of pursuing research goals and finding intellectual enrichment.
  • We will commit to exploring options for achieving speedy access to information to meet the increasing research needs of the campus.
  • We will provide instruction in research and information retrieval skills to prepare patrons for life-long learning.
  • We will provide liaison services to faculty and other relevant groups and individuals within the campus community.
  • We will serve as a center for life-long learning by providing information, activities and environments for independent study, self-directed, interactive and collaborative learning and professional development.
  • We will provide state-of-the-art facilities and other resources which utilize the latest development in instructional and information technology.
  • We will continue to support regional, national, and worldwide cooperative resource sharing as a means for enhancing local collections and extending information or library services.
  • We will offer services and hours which are responsive to the needs of the campus community.
  • We will spend less time organizing packaged information and more time on public service, helping patrons navigate through interactive, non-traditional (non-print) as well as traditional resources.