All campuses of Lehigh Carbon Community College will open two hours late on Mon., March 2, with classes starting at 10 a.m. Classes will operate under the compressed class schedule. 

Offices will open at 9 a.m.

Bookstore Voucher

1. What is a Financial Aid bookstore voucher?
A Financial Aid bookstore voucher is created from any excess financial aid on the student’s account after the payment of tuition and fees. It can be used at the LCCC bookstores to purchase books, course materials, and other essential classroom supplies as listed on the bookstore voucher.

2. How do I access a Financial Aid bookstore voucher?
The Office of Financial Aid will email all students WHEN and IF they become eligible to receive a Financial Aid bookstore voucher. You can access your voucher by going to:
• Login to myLCCC from LCCC's home page (
• Look for "My Finances" in the LaunchPad on the left side of the screen and click
• Locate "Student E-bill Statement" and click
• Click on the "Bookstore Voucher" tab (This tab is available only IF you are eligible to receive a bookstore voucher.  A bookstore voucher comes from any excess financial aid on your account.  If you have not yet been awarded financial aid; have not fully accepted your financial aid; or do not have more financial aid than the cost of tuition and fees; then you will not have a bookstore voucher.)
• You may print the bookstore voucher and take it with you to the bookstore in order to purchase your books.

3. When are vouchers available?
Vouchers are generally available 10 business days before the start of classes. Look for an email to your LCCC email address, so you know when a voucher is available for that semester. New bookstore vouchers are generated every semester that a student is eligible for financial aid and has excess funds available after the payment of tuition and fees.

4. What if I don’t see a voucher to print even though I heard other students have received theirs?
You may need to complete a requirement or provide additional information to the Office of Financial Aid in order to receive a bookstore voucher. Please check your portal for any outstanding requirements or contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 610-799-1133.

5. Do I have to print my bookstore voucher?
You do not have to print a bookstore voucher to purchase books at the LCCC bookstores. The LCCC bookstores recommend bringing a copy of your class schedule to the bookstore since books are section specific. 

6. Why do bookstore vouchers expire?
Financial Aid bookstore vouchers expire immediately before the disbursement date so that financial aid refunds can be accurately calculated and prepared for release.

7.  How do I use Financial Aid to pay for my books online?                                                                                                                                                                                  Go to the LCCC bookstores website and add what you would like to puchase or rent to your cart.  At the checkout screen, you will see financial aid as a payment option.  Type your name and your five or six digit "Voucher ID" from the top left corner of your voucher.  You will receive an order confirmation number and confirmation email. 

8.  How do I purchase an eBook?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Select and add the eBooks you would like to purchase to your cart and at the checkout screen use financial aid as the payment option.  Type your name and your five or six digit "Voucher ID" from the top left corner of your voucher.  When the order is placed and confirmed, you will receive an order confirmation email as well as the digital logins for your eBooks.  The email typically comes through in about ten minutes.  You can access the eBooks immediately. 

9. What if I have more questions about textbooks, course materials, or supplies?
Contact the LCCC Main Campus Bookstore at 610-799-1126 or visit them online.

10. What about text rentals?
Register for or there is a link from Registration for rent-a-text must be prior to renting a textbook, but it’s a one-time process. Vouchers can be used for text rental fees.

11. What if I have more questions about my financial aid?
Check your portal account first, email the Office of Financial Aid at or call them at 610-799-1133.