Withdrawal Policy, Procedures & Refunds

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• DROP CLASS(ES) but not all classes for the semester:
Complete a “Add/Drop/Total Withdrawal Form” in the Office of Registration/Student Records with your student signature. After the 5th week of class, a student is required to obtain a signature from their instructor.
• TOTAL WITHDRAWAL from all classes for the semester:
Total Withdrawal from the College: Students must secure and complete an Add/Drop/Total Withdrawal Form or present a letter with your signature by fax (610-799-1173) or mail to the office of Registration/Student Records stating the reasons for withdrawing from all course work at the college for the semester. For academic and financial purposes, the effective date of the withdrawal will be the date of receipt of the letter or form.

Add/Drop/Total Withdrawal Form

Impact on Financial Aid
If a student receives any type of financial aid (grants, scholarships, and loans) and officially withdraws completely from all classes before the ninth week of class (60%) of the semester), the student is required to have their financial aid prorated based on the U. S. Department of Education’s Federal Refund Policy. A student who falls under this criterion will have the appropriate percentage of his financial aid returned to the appropriate fund and is responsible to pay any balance remaining on the account as a result of this calculation. If a student does not attend class and/or fails to officially withdraw, all charges are billed to the student and financial aid is cancelled.

Impact on Veterans Education Benefits
If a student is receiving Veterans Education Benefits (e.g. "GI Bill®", Education Assistance Program (EAP) or Federal Tuition Assistance) they must notify the office of Registration/Student Records. Dropping or withdrawing may have a negative impact on Veterans Education Benefits. If a student is dropping/withdrawing due to orders to active duty, they must bring a copy of their active duty orders to the office of Registration/Student Records.

WITHDRAWAL PERIODS for full term (15 week courses):
Weeks 1 through 3 of class:
*Student eligible for partial refund
*An automatic W (passing) will be reflected as the final grade on your academic transcript.
• 1st Week – 100% tuition; fees are nonrefundable
• 2nd Week – 50% tuition; fees are nonrefundable
• 3rd Week – 25% tuition; fees are nonrefundable

All student initiated withdrawals must be processed by the end of the tenth (10th) week of the semester. For specific refund periods for classes that start at a different time and are not the full semester in duration, refer to the “Refund and Withdrawal Dates” chart above for specific dates.

Weeks 4 and 5
• No refund available
• An automatic W (passing) will be reflected as the final grade on your academic transcript.

Weeks 6 through 10 of class:
• Instructor Signature Required
• Student assigned a “W” (passing at the time of withdrawal) or a “Y” (failing at the time of withdrawal) by the class instructor. Both grades do not affect the overall GPA.

Weeks 11 through the end of the semester:
• Student must contact the instructor
• A final grade of “W”, “Y”, “F”, or “I”, will be assigned by the instructor

Withdrawal for Medical/Mental Health Reasons
Refer to the link below for the College policy and procedures for withdrawal for Medical/Mental Health Reasons.

LCCC students may apply to withdraw from courses for 
medical or mental health reasons. Failure to officially 
withdraw may result in the recording of failing grades. 
Students seeking to withdraw due to medical or mental 
health reasons must withdraw from all registered courses. 
In order for a Medical/Mental Health Withdrawal 
Request to be considered for a given semester, all required 
documents must be submitted prior to the start of final 
examinations week. A Packet for Withdrawal for Medical/
Mental Health Reasons can be obtained from the Office 
of the Dean of Student Development (SSC 126) or at 
All approved requests will result in the assignment of 
“W” grades for each course on the student’s academic 
transcript. Please note that “W” grades will not be 
assigned if the request process is not completed prior to 
the start of final examinations week. 
Tuition refunds will be distributed as stated in the 
College Refund Policy. (See College Refund Policy). 
If the withdraw is due to a sudden medical/mental 
health emergency and the student’s account is paid in 
full, tuition credit (for the up-coming semester) may be 
considered. Students remain fully responsible for College 
fees, outstanding fines and repayment of financial aid 
for which they are no longer eligible as mandated by the 
Federal Government. (See Withdrawal Policy for Students 
Receiving Financial Aid).
Students who withdraw due to medical/mental health 
reasons will be required to satisfy conditions of medical 
clearance prior to re-entry. See Packet for Withdrawal for 
Medical/Mental Health Reasons.
The complete policy is in the Student Handbook, or can 
be obtained at the Office of Dean of Student Development, 
SSC 126 or by calling 610-799-1895.

Withdrawal for Medical/Mental Health Reasons