LCCC’s Tutoring Program seeks creative and fluid ways to engage students in their own education by fostering embedded tutoring, linking review sessions to specific classes, creating a variety of tutor shorts available on its YouTube channel, writing numerous accessible study guides, providing scheduled and spontaneous workshops, facilitating study and common reading program groups, and building bridges with traditional students, athletes, veterans, returning adult populations, and English language learners, including specific non-credit students in transitional ESL classes and GED classes at the LCCC Allentown location.


Math, Science, Writing, ESL and Accounting/Business Labs operate as open (walk in) labs.  Students should check schedules for the availability of tutors and their specialties.


Small groups of students (2-3) who are in the same course and wish to be tutored together are welcome to visit a tutor in the open labs.  Students should bring the appropriate textbook to the tutoring session.  Tutors also assist students with basic study skills including strategies for organization, note taking, and test preparation.

DIGital ESsay Tutor - DIGEST 

The DIGEST is available to students in ENG writing courses and to students in any content course seeking support for writing papers. Essays are read in the order they are received via LCCC email accounts.  Tutors email reviewed papers directly to students.  Tutors do not edit papers, but offer guidance and suggestions for improvement. 


As long as students are registered/enrolled at LCCC, tutors may assist them in preparing for placement testing.  They may also help review for standardized tests, such as the HOBET, TEAS, and PRAXIS exams.  In order to receive tutoring, the student must present their L# before a session.


During the semester, ESC tutors offer to enrolled students a variety of one-hour workshops focusing on the basic concepts and study skills associated with specific courses. Workshops are designed to support students, giving them tools to understand, organize, and apply course material.


As much as possible, the tutoring program supports instructors with in-class tutoring sessions or workshops.  Tutors play a significant role in assisting students taking developmental and gateway courses.