Financial Literacy Program - SALT

Lehigh Carbon Community College's Student Government Association has teamed up with SALT™, a financial education resource created by the nonprofit American Student Assistance®

(ASA), to empower students and recent graduates to take control of their student loan debt on a practical, day-to-day level. This program is available to all LCCC students FREE OF CHARGE!!

SALT, available online at, is a dynamic multichannel educational program that teaches students and alumni how to borrow less for college, borrow the right types of loans, make repayment stress-free, and build money skills for life. SALT recently launched its “Face the Red” campaign ( to raise awareness of both the problem of student debt and existing solutions to help student borrowers take control of their finances.

While a college degree has never been more valuable than in today’s global economy, student debt is a trillion dollar issue that is slowing our nation’s economic recovery. Approximately 12 million students borrow for college each year, but many borrow more than they need, choose loans that don’t offer the best consumer protections, or

fail to take advantage of the many available programs to make repayment more manageable. As a result, as much as 30 percent of the nation’s 37 million student loan borrowers are delinquent on payment 90 days or more—unable to buy homes, cars, or any other consumer purchases typically associated with starting out in life.

About SALT & ASA: SALT is a free educational resource that provides simple, smart, personalized ways for college students and recent graduates to take control of their student debt and manage their finances. With a combination of helpful tools, tailored information, and unbiased expertise, SALT helps young people borrow less, borrow smart, and repay their loans in a way that works for them. SALT was created by American Student Assistance®

(ASA), a nonprofit organization with 50+ years’ experience helping people make better decisions about financing their education and repaying student loans.


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