All campuses of Lehigh Carbon Community College will open two hours late on Mon., March 2, with classes starting at 10 a.m. Classes will operate under the compressed class schedule. 

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Young Driver Program


Locations and Codes:
C - LCCC Jim Thorpe, 1100 Center Street, Jim Thorpe, 570-669-7010
CHS - Catasauqua High School
P - Donley: Donley Center, 718 Hamilton St., Allentown, 610-799-1940
M - Main: Schnecksville Campus, 4525 Education Park Drive, Schnecksville, 610-799-1197
T - Morgan: Morgan Center, 234 High St., Tamaqua, 570-668-6880
O - Other location, as identified in description
WHS - Whitehall High School

Young Driver Program
A comprehensive training experience for students in the process of getting their drivers' license or for the recently licensed student who is interested in more education and training.  This class includes simulated driving time on our state-of-the-art driving simulator, TransSim VS5- the newest in real-world technology.  This technological masterpiece includes the fun and challenge of a mega-video game while offering real-road scenarios to develop the reaction and critical thinking skills that young drivers need.  Emphasis on four key driving skills that safety experts believe are significant in preventing crashes, injuries and fatalities: Hazard Recognition, Vehicle Handling, Space Management, and Speed Management.  Our small group instruction will include development of perceptive and cognitive skills through controlled driving scenarios as well as classroom discussions.

YOU 749-50

1/20 - 1/22

5-8 pm

5-9 pm



M $175





YOU 749-53 4/21-4/23 5-8 pm T&W

5-9 pm R M $175

YOU 749-55 6/16, 6/18 10 am-3 pm T, R M $175