ePortfolio at LCCC: an investment in student success!

LCCC recognizes that ePortfolios are a valuable, high impact learning and pedagogical strategy when they are introduced as both a process and a product.  The ePortfolio initiative, facilitated by the Career Development Center, is in its third year.

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Since we began using our current portfolio platform in Fall 2013, 420 people have been involved with the ePortfolio initiative through 29 different classes or groups. In the 2014-15 academic year, the ePortfolio initiative expanded to include students in Human Services, Computer Networking, Psychology, Machine Design and other fields.  Sample portfolios can be viewed on our ePortfolio Awards page.

During the first year of the LCCC ePortfolio initiative, STEM Scholars attended campus and community events to enhance their knowledge and skills in key areas.  Students wrote reflection papers and gave presentations to acknowledge and demonstrate their academic and career growth.  Beginning in fall 2013, STEM Scholars, incoming Honors Scholars, and Media Communications students participated in the pilot ePortfolio initiative building their ePortfolio through Digication.  Learning and professional showcase portfolios include artifacts of student learning and growth that are explained through a written rationale. Throughout this process, students:

  • Select:  choose artifacts (work samples, videos, lab reports or other examples of their work) that demonstrate academic or career interests, skills, knowledge or growth;
  • Reflect:  consider the relevance of selected artifacts in terms of their learning or career planning;
  • Connect:  write a rationale so the ePortfolio viewer understands why the artifact is included in the ePortfolio.

The resulting ePortfolio will become a professional showcase portfolio that, if polished, can be shared with employers, transfer colleges, faculty, colleagues, family and friends.  A visual representation of students' accomplishments, the ePortfolio will convey LCCC students' unique experiences and qualifications.

Get Started!

The Career Development Center supports and encourages experiential learning in all forms.  Students and faculty who would like to be involved as the ePortfolio initiative grows should contact the Career Development Center.


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