Sport Management A.S. (SPMS)

*This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.*

The Sport Management program is designed for the sports enthusiast who desires to coordinate and operate all types of sports programming. This is an interdisciplinary degree that prepares graduates for business and administration with emphasis on the world of sport. Successful completion of this curriculum prepares graduates for transfer into a four-year college and for future employment in exciting positions in the sports industry. Graduates in Sport Management are qualified for positions in professional sports, school and community sports programs, or private health clubs.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • plan, organize, and implement sport programs.

  • demonstrate management skills to implement a sport program.

  • demonstrate collaboration and cooperation with a variety of sport agencies.

  • identify competitive sport industries and strategies to develop the sports community.

  • describe how sport history has changed marketing and how to market sport products and services.

  • apply the tools of sports technology to develop and enhance a sport program.

  • evaluate ethics in the sport industry.

  • demonstrate the ability to analyze recreational facilities on terms of safety and optional participation.

  • use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to assess the needs of individuals, school, and community programs regarding sport programs.

Transfer information for this program is on file in the Transfer Center. For more information, contact an academic advisor or counselor.

Sport Management A.S. (SPMS)
First Semester   Credits
CIS 105 Introduction to Computers and Applications 3
ENG 111 Speech 3
SPM 101 Introduction to Sport Management 3
ENG 105 College English I 3
HPE 101 Personal and Community Health 2
Elective* Physical Education 1
  Semester Total 15
Second Semester    
BUS 120 Introduction to Business Organization 3
ENG 106 College English II 3
SPM 102 Sport History and Philosophy 3
PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology 3
Elective** Humanities 3
Elective* Physical Education 1
  Semester Total 16
Third Semester    
BUS 211 Principles of Management 3
Elective*** Laboratory Science 4-5
HPE 106 CPR for Professional Rescuers and First Aid 2
Elective Physical Education 1
Elective**** Mathematics 3
  Semester Total 13-14
Fourth Semester    
BUS 221 Principles of Marketing 3
SPM 103 Science and Wellness in Sport 3
Elective**** Social Science 6
Elective** Humanities 3
Elective* Physical Education 1
  Semester Total 16
  Credit Total 60-61


Students intending to transfer should consult the catalog of the four-year college or university before choosing electives.

Recommended Electives:

*Physical Education elective: All PED offerings are appropriate.

**Humanities: ENG 154, 201, 205; HIS 126 and 225; PHI 201 and 205; and SPN 105, 106, 205, and 206.

***Laboratory Science elective: BIO 101, 105, 106; CHE 105; PHY 101, PHY 103

****Mathematics: MAT 118, 120 and 150.

******Social Science elective: PSY 257.