Prior Learning

Alternative Ways to Transfer Credit to LCCC

There are a variety of ways to transfer credit to LCCC other than through previous college transfer. The learning could have occurred away from a college classroom through on-the-job experience, professional workshops, technical and business schools, military training, or volunteer programs. If you feel you have had college-equivalent learning from other environments, you may be able to convert those experiences into credit toward your degree here at LCCC.

Students interested in any of the services listed below should contact the Academic Services Office at 610-799-1587.

Credit for Lifelong Learning Experience

The student who can document previous learning must compile a portfolio, which is an organized folder of information about specific past experiences and accomplishments. It documents that the student's skills, experience, and learning are equivalent to those that other students have gained through the traditional classroom format. Each completed portfolio is assessed by the appropriate LCCC faculty member(s).

Credit for Business-related Noncollegiate Courses
The college recognizes credit recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) for courses offered by noncollegiate organizations. These courses are offered by professional societies, federal agencies, industries, and labor unions.

Challenge Examinations
Those students who cannot fully document their previous learning in a portfolio can request credit by examination for LCCC courses. These examinations are developed by LCCC faculty members. This option is available for a limited number of courses for which portfolio development is not appropriate, standardized examinations are not available, and a challenge examination has been developed.