What Are Webconference Courses?

Webconference Courses

Through interactive webconferencing technology, students will join class during scheduled meeting times via a computer with an Internet connection. Each student will need a headset, earbuds or computer speakers to hear the instructor. As a benefit, each live online class meeting will be archived for later review. The course is designed to be used as the principal components of a credited college course and, in addition to the regularly scheduled live online class sessions, may include:

  • Syllabus
  • Announcements
  • Resources and Web-links
  • Lecture Notes & Handouts
  • Course calendar
  • Course e-mail
  • Discussion forums
  • Assessments
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Various Multimedia Materials

Webconference courses are identified in course listings by a section number similar to "WC#” (i.e. SOC-151-WC).

Students can register to attend at a designated college classroom or may attend from home. If there is a computer lab available at a specific site, it will be listed as the scheduled room for the course. Unless the student can attend the class at the specified site, it is highly recommended that each student have access to their own computer with Internet access during the scheduled classtime in order to attend a webconference course. The college does provide limited availability of computers at each site, but access to them is not guaranteed.

Click Distance Education Technical Requirements for recommended specifications for your computer.

For a Demonstration of a Webconference Course:

We recommend that you complete the LIVE Distance Education Orientation, offered at the beginning of each semester, before taking an online, hybrid or webconference course for the first time.  There is also a link in the Orientation Lessons for an archived session from a previous semester.

  • This LIVE session will be similar to a live class session in a webconference course.
  • Then, explore all areas of the online class site. Try the sample quizzes and post to the discussion forums and assignment dropbox to see how they function. It's best to try them here before you must submit something that will be graded.

Admission and Registration

Admissions, registration procedures and course or program prerequisites for webconference courses are the same as for on-campus courses. Applicants submit an application for admission to the Admission's Office, meet the standard entrance requirements of the college, and must be formally admitted to the college to register for any credit courses. The courses will appear on student transcripts as sections of regular LCCC courses.