Distance Education Technical Requirements

  1. Students taking a course on campus that provides online resources may use the computers on campus if needed.
  2. Students taking an online or hybrid course will need their own computer with Internet access.
    • Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have limited support for use with WebStudy (the online learning management system).
    • It is important that you log into your student email fairly regularly. All school communication will use this address, not your personal home email address.
    • We do not recommend that you plan to use only campus computers or only the public library due to the time required for completing an online or hybrid course. This would be extremely inconvenient for most students.
    • A Windows PC needs to have at least Windows XP or higher.
    • A Macintosh computer needs to have at least 10.7 "Leopard" or higher.
    • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are the recommend web browsers.


Only uniquely identified, authenticated and authorized users may access restricted computer systems. Students access BannerWeb and the learning management system via single-sign-on authentication by logging into the myLCCC Portal.

The College employs various measures to protect the security of its computing resources and of their users’ accounts. All users are required to safeguard user IDs and passwords assigned to them for various systems. Sharing of passwords for any system is strictly prohibited.

Students who lose or forget their myLCCC username or password should contact Registration/Student Records at 610-799-1171 for assistance.


Some courses will require that you have specific software to access some course resources. Commercial software listed below is available for students at a substantial educational discount through the college bookstore. You may order online through the college's bookstore.

  • Some examples are QuickTime Player for video or Acrobat Reader for PDF files. Your instructor will let you know if there are specific needs. Download free software here.
  • CIS-105 requires that each student use Microsoft Office 2013 (or an active Office 365 subscription) for all lab assignments. You must be able to complete assignments in the 2013 versions of MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. This package is only available for Windows computers.
  • All AOT Keyboarding classes use Keyboarding Pro Deluxe software. This software is only available for Windows.
  • AOT-113 and AOT-114 require that students use Microsoft Word 2010. This software is only available for Windows.
  • ENG-111 Speech requires students to have the ability and technology to record a speech and upload it to YouTube.
  • Accounting 262 uses QuickBooks, which is only available for Windows.
  • ENG-105 requires that all written assignments be submitted in Microsoft Word 2007 or higher.  
  • A lot of instructors use the myLab products that are made by the textbook manufacturer Pearson Education. Distance Education is not able to provide support for these products.  For assitance with Pearson Education products you should first contact your instructor.  If your instructor is not able to help you, Pearson Education provides support for students by going here.


IMPORTANT!! If you are experiencing technical problems with WebStudy:

  • Your instructor is the first person to contact for assistance.
  • Contact the Distance Education Office on weekdays, between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM.  We will return your call or email as soon as we return to the office.
  • If you are having a problem with WebStudy, they can be contact 24/7/365.