Distance Education Software Downloads

The following software may help you access ANGEL more effectively or open course files successfully. These software packages have versions available for both Macintosh and Windows, unless noted otherwise. Be patient; some software may take a long time to download on a dial-up connection.

Web Browsers:

  • The most reliable browser for our online courses is Firefox 8+.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 8.0+ (no longer available for Macintosh)
    • Please do NOT use version 10, which comes loaded with Windows 8 or may be an update on your computer. There are significant compatibility issues at this time.
  • Google Chrome 11.0+
  • Apple Safari 5.0+
  • DO NOT use the apps related to the above browsers on a mobile device (such as an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone).
  • DO NOT use Opera, Yahoo or other browsers.

Plugins and media players that you may need:

MAC Users

  • Firefox 8.0+ is the browser we suggest all Mac users use for our online courses.
  • Please be aware that there is currently a bug in the System Check that does not recognize Adobe Reader as being installed on a Mac using Firefox. However, Adobe Reader still functions properly.
  • Instead of Windows Media Player, you will want to use Flip4Mac (also called Windows Media Components for Quicktime). It works with Quicktime to play Windows Media Files.