Fire and Building Evacuation


In case you should happen to discover a fire, please do the following:

1. Pull fire alarm.

2. Notify receptionist of location.

3. Evacuate building.

Whenever the fire alarm sounds (loud ringing bell and lights flashing on hallway ceilings), evacuate the building as soon as possible. Do not use elevators during evacuation. If you are on break, do not attempt to return to the classroom for your belongings. After leaving the building, proceed to a safe area approximately 100 yards away. Please do not block roadways or fire hydrants. There are emergency exit routes posted in all classrooms, labs, and office suites.


The department is currently staffed with seven (7) uniformed officers. These officers are trained on a continuous basis. The training includes CPR certification, knowledge in basic first aid, defensive tactics techniques and Act 235, The Lethal Weapons Training Act. The Lethal Weapons Training Act's purpose is to provide for the education, training, and certification of privately employed agents who, as an incidence to their employment, carry lethal weapons through a program administered or approved by the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The requirements for Act 235 are very stringent. The officer must take a physical examination, a psychological examination, and be fingerprinted by the State Police, who then does a background check on the officer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation may also get involved with examination of fingerprints.

The officers at LCCC are required to complete and be certified in the Lethal Weapons Training without firearms. The course consists of 27 class hours and consists of the following:

1. Legal Authority

2. Constitutional Authority

3. Pennsylvania Crimes Code

4. Limited Authority

5. Incident Investigation

6. Testifying in Court

7. Principles of Justification

8. Self-Defense